Physician Assistant Blogger Making a Name

Physician Assistant Blogger

Physician Assistant blogIn a world of social engagement and healthcare under scrutiny, this medical provider is taking his blogging to the world.  He says he is an entrepreneur, SEO blackblet  and obviously Physician Assistant blogger. His  Blog is engaging and he is now working on his podcast. He is definitely excited and hopes he gets millions subscribers! Continue reading Physician Assistant Blogger Making a Name



When the wind blows…the Trees Move

Hey folks! I live in an area that is plagued by a ton of wind and no its not CHi town.  Its the definitely not that interesting a place at all but nonetheless, it’s windy on most days.

So we have been hit with a ton of ran lately and nothing is more miserable about that than the fact that I use an antenna for my cable service.  That’s an entirely different post.  Anyway, along with the wind, the trees sway and some fall down.  I recently had a rather large one fall down in the back yard. Nothing was destroyed but the tree had to be chopped up.  It was too large for my little chainsaw so I called this tree guy locally and he came to my rescue.  He and his team made small work of the job. Continue reading Timber!!!!!


Leaving Tomorrow But not Without Issues!

Heading South for Some Sunny Fun

When it comes to heading south for the fun in the sun kinda stuff,  we have this area covered. We enjoy everything summer and sand. Nothing is better than a day in the beach and an evening at the Pub.

When emergency strikes, it strikes! Had to call a Plumber to fix my refrigerator water line. The one that allows the ice cube maker to function. Woke up to nothing but water on the kitchen floor, augh! Coffee will wait.  Any who, called around and settled on McClain bros. They were pretty  clever with the marketing. They have a Mario character with all the plumbing gear. Kinda awesome if you ask me.  Anyway, they arrived within an hour and had the job fixed in 45 minutes. Great service and here is your plug for the work guys! Continue reading Leaving Tomorrow But not Without Issues!


Outer Banks – Here we come!

Outer Banks 2 Months Away!

So every year we go to the Outer Banks with our extended family. By that I mean my cousins and my dads friends and there kids. We all grew up together so its kinda cool. Anyway, I am looking forward to it this year as my dad’s friend Denny is coming with his daughter Arralyn. Her and I are 2 peas in a pod.

My Uncle is going and I joke with him to Role out the Red Carpet for me all the time…He owns a carpet company, Check it out, here! He is such a kidder so I like to give it back to him. I really think he has a red carpet for me saved somewhere in his warehouse. Continue reading Outer Banks – Here we come!


The Avengers!

Fun Filled Weekend!

I Can’t wait to see the new avengers movie!

Do you know why?
I can’t wait because the first movie was so awesome. I watched with my parents amid a blast. Can you guess who my favorite character is? Iron Man!

So the movie came out today, but I didn’t get a chance to go see it. By the time I got to my dads house, it was too late. So I ended up watching Capt. America instead. I do love me some Capt. America. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my parents are divorced. So I split my time between both houses. Anyway, my dad and his wife are excited to see the new movie as well. There she thought about buying tickets and surprising me, but figured it would be too late anyway. Continue reading The Avengers!


Oh Sunflower…How I love thee!

I Love the Sunflower cafe! It’s this little, teeny, tiny breakfast spot tucked away in the corner of no where. It’s so hipster and the decor is amazing. If you ever felt like being creative, then this is the place to be inspired.

So pops took us to breakfast this morning to the Sunflower, obvi. I usually get the french toast and Yup, I got it again. This place serves all natural and holistic style foods. There is nothing on the menu that isn’t organic. This is one of the main selling points to my parents who are trying to be as healthy as possible. Continue reading Oh Sunflower…How I love thee!


Lego my Lego!

Hahaha! I love that title! Not only does it fit, it’s hilarious!

So it goes without saying…don’t touch my legos. I had recently been on this kick with building lego tower and towns, a bit of everything. I can’t say why I grew so fond of legos or when it actually happened, but I like them and I am possessive. Continue reading Lego my Lego!